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About Genius Recovery

We are working to change the way people view and treat addicts: with compassion instead of judgement. We help find the best forms of treatment that have efficacy, and share those with the world.

Genius Recovery is a safe place for those in recovery and those who support recovery, to connect, collaborate, and contribute.
We share the mindset that recovery and addiction should be viewed with compassion, not judgement.

We ask “Why the pain? Not, why the addiction.” This is hub to share experience, strength and hope, and a place where the world’s top recovery experts frequently share strategies and resources. Genius Recovery helps heal the pain, and saves lives.

Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Recovery is also co-author of
‘The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery’ a new bestseller on Amazon.

In this US News Report Joe shares more about his story and the mission of Genius Recovery:

On the Genius Recovery site you can discover candid conversations about alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, drugs, over eating, gaming, gambling, internet, sugar, and sex addiction.

Learn how to change your behavior
, face fear, crush habits, overcome depression, turn for help, get needed therapy, rehab, treatment, and steps to live a clean, sober, amazing life.

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