The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery: Letting Go Of Who You’ve Been For Who You Can Become

This powerful new book is the latest in the Miracle Morning series. It’s written by Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network and Genius Recovery, with NY Times bestselling author, Anna David, in collaboration with publishing expert Honorée Corder, and NY Times bestselling author, Hal Elrod, the creator of the Miracle Morning series.

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The premise of the Miracle Morning series is…

Creating the Life YOU Want Starts with Specific Habits and Strategies YOU Can Do, Easily, Every Morning.

The success strategies of Miracle Morning have launched a worldwide sensation including dozens of books, online communities, and live events.

This newest book outlines cutting edge research and strategies designed to support an addiction-free life, and to help anyone who’s suffered with addiction recover their happiness, success, and personal freedom.

If you know Joe Polish’s personal story, you know he was a drug addict. He struggled silently with pain and addiction for many years. Today, through his new platform of Genius Recovery, he’s working to change the global conversation about how people view and treat addicts, with compassion instead of judgement, and to help find the best forms of treatment that have efficacy, and share those with the world. That’s why he, Hal, and Anna wrote this book.

Addiction touches the lives of all of every one of us… our families and friends… our children… even our employees…

Addiction Can Be Fatal. It may seem so simple, but your morning rituals can magically influence the course of your life… and for those in recovery, your sobriety and serenity.

Implementing this Miracle Morning practice can actually help you transform any area of your life! Get this new book here.

  • Why Mornings Are Critically Important to An Addict’s Success.
  • Why Who You’re Becoming Is More Important Than Your Current State.
  • The Opposite of Addiction Isn’t Sobriety. It’s This ____________.
  • How Your Alarm Is A Gift, Challenge, And Opportunity.
  • The 5-Minute 5-Step “Snooze-Proof Wake-Up” Strategy.
  • How the 6-Minute Miracle Morning Can Be the Remedy for An Overly Packed Schedule.
  • The Difference Between An “Orchid” Personality and A “Dandelion” One (Hint: The One YOU Are Will Determine How You Behave and React)

This book can could change everything for you…

Wherever you are in life is a result of who you’ve been.

Where you go from here depends on who you choose to be from this moment forward.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

Take action today and get this book. You can help support addiction recovery by sharing this message with anyone it could help.

A Note From The Author

“Every day it’s more and more apparent how many people are fighting silent battles… We never really know how much someone might be suffering. Reach out, let them know they matter and that this book can help.
Joe Polish