Providing Recovery Kits To Those In Need

At Genius Recovery Foundation, we believe that everyone dealing with life's challenges deserves support. Our recovery kits offer aid and encouragement when people need it most.

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Every home has a first aid kit for life’s emergencies and accidents, big and small. But where do we go for those ‘invisible’ needs… addiction and anxiety, grief and desperation, anger, depression, or loneliness? For those universal human needs, we understand that every home should also have a Recovery Kit… a resource for mental health and well-being during times of need, especially for those who don’t have access to professional support or guidance.


We provide recovery kits packed with essentials for beginning the journey to healing and wholeness. Kits include direct support via the Genius Recovery companion, hygiene items, nourishment, resource guides, inspirational notes, and items tailored to specific needs. Our kits offer hope when people feel hopeless.