Dare To Be Average

Dare To Be Average: An Addiction Conversation with Ken Wells and Joe Polish

Ken Wells conducts workshops on sexual addiction, shame reduction, and spirituality. Mr. Wells holds a master of divinity degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary and has twenty-three years of pastoral ministry experience. He earned a master of arts degree in counseling from Ottawa University and is certified as a professional counselor, a sex addictions counselor, and a substance abuse counselor.Episode Summary



    • What Ken Wells tells the mega-rich and super famous when they struggle with addictions

    • Dealing with fear, shame, anxiety, and failure you will come up against in your life

    • Ken explains what Personal Brilliance is and how we can explore the beauty of average

    • How to experience pain in a healthy way and find new, meaningful approaches to life

    • Ken’s definition of ‘Addiction’ (And how to get your needs met without deprivation)

    • What you can do to better find purpose, focus, and acceptance of the human condition

    • Joe and Ken discuss workaholism and how to determine whether it is a problem or not

    • How to recover when you or your family are in the throes of addiction and suffering